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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 31, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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>> protect and serve is gender neutral. >> paul says, any sweet sleeks at spyingers. >> continuing coverage of the school shooting in atlanta. trace has breaking developments. >> price middle school is in an area called lakewood in south atlanta. the school has 570 students. talking about sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. there's nobody walking on the outside of the school. that's a live look from waga. the school still is on lockdown right now. students are not being allowed outside and parents are not being allowed insidement there are reports that a vice principal has talked to parents but that's as far as the communication goes. we know now that two people have been shot, including a 14-year-old. we do not know if it's a
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14-year-old boy or girl. but the atlanta fire department reporting that student was shot in the head. not sure how that comports to this report saying that the two victims who were shot were both alert and talking as they were taken from the school. there were also reports that a teacher was injured but was not shot and it's unclear as to who the second victim might be. now, police have confirmed they have one person in custody. in fact it was videotaped earlier of them taking -- it appeared to be a student away in handcuffs, and there are subsequent reports now saying that is a many as two people might have been taken into custody. you can see the scene right there. part of the reason the information, shep, is so scant is because there's nobody coming out of the building and nobody going in. the police are busy, clearly. the p.i.o. for the school district is on his way to the scene, and the witnesses witnesy have seen this are now inside the building some students are
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talking to their parents on cell phones but none of that information has been relayed to any of the local news organizations. so the situation now, as we know it, two shot, we don't know if a teacher was among them. at least one person in custody. this school and another school apparently on lockdown, happening in south atlanta. >> many of our viewers may have seen the video from sky fox of somebody being taken into custody. you can see it, they'll zoom in, a guy standing tall with a cop -- there you go. putting him into the squad car there two people in custody, right? >> well, different reports now. we have a couple of reports saying one person in custody, which you see right there, and we have one report -- one of the local affiliates in atlanta saying there are two people in custody, but that has not been confirmed by police. all we have confirmed is that
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one person so far is in custody. >> shepard: that video taken in residencal neighborhood a half mile from the school. we'll get updates. another day. another school shooting. it is out of control. now, more on the careful efforts to save a young boy in alabama. two days after he got kidnapped. police now say that the gunman who took him hostage may have stocked up enough supplies to stay in the underground bunker for weeks on end. a local lawmaker said he talked the boy's relative. he will turn six years old in two weeks. the child has a mental condition linked to autism, and needs medication, medication we're told he is getting. police say they're working around the clock and have sent prescription medicine and coloring books and crayons down there through a 60-foot pvc
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pipe. and at the same time negotiators are using the pipe to communicate with the gunman. a rough look at the bunker from our animators here, based on police and eye witness accounts. he reportedly has a power reply and has a tv set in there. the standoff first began on tuesday. midland city? south alabama. the gunman reportedly stormed a school bus, shot the driver, who later died, and took this child hostage. neighbors say the perpetrator has had a history of violence. one local tells fox news what happened after the suspect beat her dog to death with a lead pipe. >> he bragged to my husband about it. he was proud. he thought it was wonderful thing he had done and reiterated his continual threats that if anybody or anything was on his property, that he would kill them. >> shepard: in fact several
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neighbors described the suspect using words including bizarre, standoffish, and paranoid. craig is on scene. craig, what you hearing about negotiations today? >> they're negotiating with this sunday suspect. the pvc pipe is four inches in diameter so they have a direct line of sight. this is taking place on top of this ridge. the metal building, and in front of the line of trees that you see there. this is where they're talking to the suspect. in the suspect told fbi agents he was sleepy and didn't want to talk. the fbi let him know quickly certainly they're not leaving. the fbi talked to the little boy that was taken and is being held down in this bunker, this
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homemade bunker so they have had direct contact with him. good in this bunker, shep, he has supplies for up to three weeks and i'm told bill the chief of police here he is known to stay in this bunker for up to eight days at a time. >> has anybody given any indication how the child is doing? what the child's demeanor is? can they hear through the pvc pipe? >> i was told there was a direct line of communication. the last time he knew of direct communication was late tuesday night when the child seemed fine, but there was also the communication with the met space the coloring book and the crayon. that happened. that was dropped down into this homemade bunker that is eight feet -- six feet by eight feet that was built by hand, by the suspect, i'm told. >> shepard: craig boswell on scene. we reported how the gunman was supposed to appear in court yesterday in that particular case, neighbors says he was driving down a dirt road when the suspect burst out of his
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home, started yelling, and then shot at the neighbor and his younger daughter. joining us now is the neighbor. jimmy davis. tell me about that confront addition? >> well, me and my wife was in the process of moving at the time. and i borrowed my mother's truck, and when we was on the way coming back to drop the trailer off, i was driving, my mother was in the passenger seat and my six-month-old daughter was in the back. well, mr. jimmy dikes flag us down, and i pulled over, and he began to cuss at me and use harsh words. i told him several times he needed to calm down. my daughter was in the back. at that time my daughter gab to scream, and my mother turned around and tried to comfort her and calm her down, and about the third time i told him he needed to calm down, mr. jimmy turned
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around and rand 30 feet to his van and pulled out a pistol and began to cock the pistol. and then i floored the truck and got away from there then, me making 15-foot from where i was stopped at i heard two gunshots go off. i then contacted the sheriff's department. >> shepard: you have had contact with this mr. jimmy addiction before? >> when he first moved out here issue thought he was a nice fellow. i went out and talked to him, and i've actually seen the bunker he is in now. >> shepard: tell me about that thing. you've been in it? >> no i've not been down in it. i've seen it from above ground, though. me and one of my buddies, mike, went over there to talk to him. went and talked to him, and it's about 15-foot by 15-foot hole, and about 12-foot deep, and it's lined with red bricks in it. he's got steps made out of
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cinderblocks going down to it, and at the time he had doors made out of plywood, two sheets of replywood. i said what howing it for? he said it's going to be me storm shelter because where i used to live the storms came through a lot. and then i noticed the bypass and i asked him what was that for and he said if some comes in and i don't hear them. >> shepard: did you get the sense he might be on something or is this how he rolls? >> he has always seemed like a weird person. i always thought that was just the way he is. >> shepard: well, thank you very much. all the best to you and yours around there. i hope this works out. >> thank you, mr. shepard. the school shooting in atlanta on which we were reporting five minutes ago. i have new information and it's
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not good. atlanta fire officials confirm a 14-year-old child is shot in the head in that middle school. the 14-year-old now in the hospital. our station, fox 5 in the atlanta area, got this information from police. they are sourcing -- actually fire officials on the matter. fire officials tell our station fox 5 in atlanta that a 14-year-old student is in hospital now, shot in the happened these are live pictures from waga fox 5. we're lating for more information from authorities there. listen in here. >> the situation inside the school, the last thing they want right now is to have more people inside confusing things. when they're probably in the process of interviewing students and trying to get a sense if this in fact happened inside the school, exactly who saw what and when, and when you're talking to young people, they're emotional and probably just trying to keep these kids as calm as possible. >> you can understand parents showing up this, day and age
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when every child has a cell phone, the first instinct is to tell the parents what is going on. what more can you tell us? >> this parent got a text message from his child, and i'll read it to you. says: i was no less than 20 feet away from the shooter. he did not want to appear on camera because obviously he is very frustrated, very anguished, and does not in any way want to identify his child, but there is messages coming out. a lot of children have cell phones, and he got a text message from his child saying, i was no less than 20 feet away. so, again, as soon as we can, we get some official word out here at the scene, particularly from school officials, we'll try to give that to you. just pan around. you see all these parents. they're on their cell phones.
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they're trying to get information. they are very, very concerned. obviously. as anybody would be, because we don't have the identity of the little girl. and a lot of these parents out here have girls in that class, and of course they want to know what is happening. >> morris, what can you tell us about any kind of communication between the school and those parents? you can understand their concerns and why they've shown up. >> well, the only word we have is that gentleman we showed you earlier with the cap. we were here when he first came down, and he tried to tell all these parents, the children are fine, the children are fine, and i'm assuming that what he means by that -- okay, we got some people going out that way. you see some youngsters are being -- all right. as you can imagine, a pretty chaotic scene here. a couple of youngsters in the back seat of a car. we have to caution that these
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youngsters could be witnesses. so, we don't want to infer anything from that. they detain individuals who may have seen something and get them away from here for questioning. that's a possibility. we didn't get any sense otherwise. all we know we were able to show you what we could show you. as soon as we hear something from the atlanta school board we'll be able to get it back to you. russ? >> thank you. we appreciate that. >> shepard: the anchors at our fine station fox 5 in atlanta, another tragedy in another school, this in south there we have gotten word from the station, the fire officials tell them a 14-year-old said to be shot in the head and in a local area hospital. atlanta fire officials says the 14-year-old -- this is from the "associated press." captain marion mcdaniel giving
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us this information. helicopters on the scene, one person taken away. that student shot in the head at grady hospital. we'll have continuing coverage in a moment,
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of break news out of south atlanta. price middle school, a school shooting happened. and now we're told police say the 14-year-old victim shot in the head is a girl who is now at grady hospital, trauma center there. russ sense and portia brunner with coverage. >> a bit of hesitation. the person was in handcuffs and was placed in the back of an atlanta police car but the car did not take off. the car sat there for some time and perhaps the person was being questioned. i know russ you're getting new information. >> i got new information from one of our producers that the person, the child who was shot, was shot outside the school, was
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alert and conscious when she was taken to grady memorial hospital, which is, it would appear, excellent news, given the fact all well knee she was shot in the head. the other important information we have is that the suspect, according to apd, is in custody. so, what we're looking at is a huge police presence there. it looks like a s.w.a.t. team present. we saw on the side of one of the vehicles that arrived, said "special response unit." we've been given some indication, though not confirmed, but seems fair to pass this on -- the s.w.a.t. team prepared to do a room-by-room search. the obvious thing to do. but the most important information to pass on right now, according to police, the suspect is in custody. >> looking at this information from our newsroom, appears the suspect has been tentatively identified as a student. that is also important to note.
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now, understand, paul yates is at the hospital. is there any new information, anything you can -- in terms of shedding light on the 14-year-old girl's condition? >> no information being released right now. we're waiting to hear from hospital officials or anyone else with authoritative information. we know at the moment the 14-year-old was brought here this afternoon, apparently alert and conscious. there was report she was shot in the head. that was from the "associated press," quoting atlanta officials. we're waiting to see if nip will speak to us. sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn't, depending on how things are developing inside. >> shepard: what can you tell us about a crowd that may have gather thread? we have seen a crowd of dozens of parents there at price middle school, and often times we see when an atlanta police officer is shot, fellow officers
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converge on the hospital. any folks might be related to price middle school who have arrived at the hospital? >> we have not seen that yet. the area is pretty quiet. i can step out of the camera frame for a minute and lloyd can show you -- this is the emergency alley here at grade where where ambulances come and good, and they've been moving in and out. there's remarkably little activity in the last 20 mount or so so it's been quiet. there's not a crowd gathering here. >> all right, paul. we'll let you get back to work, and keep us pested and we'll get you on the air as quebecly as -- as quickly as possible. just to recap. there's a statement we just received from atlanta public schools saying that school officials are on hand and they're going to do what they took ensure, quote, an orderly dismissal while police investigate the circumstances of the shooting. so, for folks who are trying to get a sense of when dismissal is
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going to happen -- >> portia and russ our anchors at fox 5. from the beg information we have, 14-year-old girl shot in the head. tentatively identified the shooter as a student from that school. their connection we don't know. motivation, we don't know. her condition we don't yet know. we'll have continuing coverage here. we're also getting new information on israel and syria, and the escalating tensions there. and breaking news from yesterday on "studio b." a lineman -- rare winter tornadoes. they're saying just how much damage the storms left behind. we'll have the weather and the rest of the news after this.
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the deadly storm system that killed at least three people in the south and knocked out power to thousands and destroyed dozens of homes. the scene now in calhoun, georgia, where a tornado tore through the area and destroyed much of this area. the tornado cut a 16-mile path, a half mile wide. angelique from our station in the atlanta year is with us from adairsville, georgia. how much damage there is? >> it's been incredible damage here. the police chief just did a briefing and told us the number now is at $75 million. he says it's about 95 structures. when you look at the houses and businesses that have been affected. 31 of those just totally destroyed. >> shepard: yesterday we heard reports of people trapped in damaged homes. everybody accounted for now? >> i've heard a lot of stories today of survival, and the police chief says they have gone
3:26 pm
from house-to-house and everyone is just about accounted for. there are 4600 people that live here, and one fatility at this point. nine injuries. so looks like everyone is accounted for, and at this point, they're working to clean things up. this is going to be a very, very long road to get things back to normal here. >> shepard: an awful mess. thank you. we're uptating the other story that is breaking in south atlanta. prismoidle school, where -- price middle school, a 14-year-old girl has been shot on the campus by a male student who is now custody. more as new information comes in. a pair of gunmen gun down a prosecutor who handled a murder case and tide so right outside the courtroom. wow. it's coming up as we approach the bottom of the shower the top
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nothing to lose when you call lifelock right now and try 60 days of identity theft protection risk-free. 60 days risk-free. use promo code: be secure. order now and get this document shredder, a $29 value free. [♪...] call or go online now. shepship it's 3:30 in south atlanta, georgia, where the school shooting is taking a top billing this afternoon. a 14-year-old girl in hospital after being shot in the head. one student in custody, and trace gallagher with new information. reporter: the public information officer of the school telling a reporter on scene that the 14-year-old girl was shot not in the head but the back of the neck and she is awake and
3:31 pm
conscious at a local hospital. we are now getting information, we told you about a teacher who was injured. now apparently the teacher, the p.i.o. says, was trampled by other students trying to get out of the way after the shooting happened. that teacher said to be -- some minor bumps and bruises but should some be okay. a witness telling a report what he understands happened is some kid from a neighboring middle school came over to price middle school, some kind of dispute took place, and that is when the gunfire started. but there is only one suspect in custody, and the p.i.o. confirm that suspect is a student at price middle school. the school gets out in about 14 minutes. the school says the students will be let out on schedule. the puss will arrive on schedule, and that's when the parents parents who have not been allowed inside the school, will be allowed to pick up their children. again, one suspect in custody, definitely a student at that school.
3:32 pm
still up clear how the dispute started, and if more students might be involved in this, but there was only one student shot. a 14-year-old girl, and she is now said to be awake, conscious, and talking at grady hospital nearby. >> shepard: back to trace as events warrant. cops in phoenix say they have now positively identified the remains of a man who shot and killed a ceo and wounded two others in an office complex there. police say a 70-year-old month named arthur harman, died of an parent self-inflicted gunshot wound. cops found a handgun in his rental car. the shooting happened at the end of a meditation session over a lawsuit that harmon filed against the company. wilts say when they heard the gunshots they looked themselves inside their offices until they could get out safely. >> nor deadly violence at a
3:33 pm
course in texas where a local prosecutor is dead today, and as many as two suspected shooters are out there somewhere. we're told the killer or killer ambushed an assist d.a. in the parking lot, shot him multiple times. the d.a. is going through his case load to see who might be responsible. >> in ohio, man attacks a whom trying to get a restraining order against him. and the attack happened in the courtroom. look at this video. the suspect was left in the courtroom with his mother and the grandmother but no judge no bailiff, no other security. that's a courtroom. a spokesman for she sheriff's office said the staffing situation prevent him from having deputies at every courthouse. money. our legal analyst is here. i didn't realize you had courtroom without bailiffs.
3:34 pm
>> you took the word out of my mouth. that would never happen in new york city. it's budget oriented. so much money for court officers so in new york city, court doesn't good to 5:00 anymore. it's always gone until 5:00. now court goes until 4:30. court ends at 4 4:30, because it costs less money for the whole city of new york to end a half hour early so now they have court officers everywhere. in the state of ohio they there should never be man and woman or two adversaries trying to get an order of appropriation against each other, alone in a courtroom. that makes no sense whatsoever. the purpose of their negotiations, according to the story, is to have a document that enforces the law to keep them away from each other. and there they are with the grandmother or the mother of one of them. that's the security for them. so, obviously everything is going to be looked at again as
3:35 pm
to their procedures. that's outrage just. >> the judge notified this guy he had outstanding warrants and would be taken into cuffed. left the guy alone with his ex-girlfriend and you can see them yelling back and forth at each other. she reverses, he strikes her. the guy was tased. the cops tased him and took him into custody. he faces additional domestic violence and contempt of court charge, and there's not something if the court isn't liable for what happened here. >> the officer act appropriately. got it under control immediately. but why are they in that position in the first place? shepard, they're not talking bat picket fence and where the fence belongs on the property. they're talking about a domestic dispute and nobody should be alone like that, unwatched. >> the deputy says we have deputies in the courthouse but never had a deputy in every
3:36 pm
courtroom. tving -- staffing does not permit that. the inspector said they did a good judge. >> and the judges would run in the other direction. as they should. >> i can think of one. thank you. >> syria and iran today, threaten to strike back after israel launched an attack on syrian soil. syria's ambassador to lebanon says the regime has the option and capacity to surprise in retaliation. while robban officials call the assault a clear violation of syria's sovereignty. the rannans said there will be repercussions. u.s. officials confirm an israeli strike on a convoy that they say was likely transporting weapons, including antiaircraft missiles and they were transferring the weapons, to his bow la.
3:37 pm
hezbollah fighters in lebanon. the syrian regime claims israel attacked a military facility in damascus. iran syria both support hezbollah, which calls the attack israeli aggression. they warned the syrian regime might be transferring weapons to hezbollah, and warned them not to. we were talking yesterday about what kind of retaliation might come. at least now they're talking. >> nobody seriously thinks the syrian military is going to strike israel. nobody thinks mr. i sat is insane enough to engage israel in a war, nor is iran. the question here is whether iran and syria might use their proxies, hezbollah in lebanon to
3:38 pm
carry out some sort of attack, and the key in at that that syrn statement is surprise attack. that sounds all sorts of alarm bells. >> andrew taylor was talking to me earlier, shep, from the washington institute, and he said everybody is very wary of here is a terrorist attack against some sort of israeli interest on the globe, and iran and syria have proven they're capable of that. >> shepard: he's weapons tran fers have happened for a long time, and the thinking is the syrians were giving these weapons to hezbollah. that's where this transport was going? >> what this is raising is the serious prospect that the rebels in syria are actually getting closer and closer to some of the major weapons caches in the region. so that would ring alarm bells for the iranians, syrians, and hezbollah themselves. so it would appear if these are being moved in any sort of
3:39 pm
numbers, according to all the expects, they believe the weapons cache are under serious threat and decided to move them. that was a red line for israel. >> shepard: israel said that was a red loan. mike barrett is currently the ceo at a consulting firm. what do you make of this? >> i think that jonathan is exactly right. the fear is the retaliation could be globally against israeli and with most people they're talking about. they don't make a distinction between israeli and u.s.s'sment from the israeli point of view, it's like the case for preemptive action that the u.s. used after 9/11 in terms of afghan and -- afghanistan and you know that hezbollah has the intent to attack israel and when why they get more sophisticated weapons, israel has to look at it as a threat. >> shepard: the threat?
3:40 pm
>> most likely a terrorist attack, probably not in israel. likely somewhere else. we have seen attacks against embassies and other interests in africa and places like that. so that's the small-term -- near-term strategy. but the other piece is these are fairly sophisticated. these weapons convoy was a-17s, which is a sophisticated surface to air missile, russian, and one of the flight pads israel might be using if they were going after targets in iran. so that's another piece of the puzzle. are you trying to make sure the hezbollah air defense forces are degraded in advance of having to take action broader against iran? >> mike, just to kind over put a button on this, this is a wildly held belief this is a targeted strike on weapons where the
3:41 pm
israelis have concern. >> they don't happen that often. it's a violation of international air space and national sovereignty, so you do it when you decide the risk is worth it. the u.s. did the same thing when we went in after osama bin laden. the israelis don't do this without thinking of this careful through. the system is mobile and sophisticated and able to potentially take down israeli aircraft. >> mike barrett, intelligence consulting firm in d.c. >> told you earlier this week about an x games athlete who got hurt in a serious crash. today he died. the details are next on that. lawmakers today on capitol hill grilling the president's nominee for defense secretary, chuck hagel, over his commitment to israel and other matters, and a member of the former senator's
3:42 pm
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verizon. get a droid razr m by motorola in pink for $49.99. >> shepard: the freestyle snowmobile driver who crashed in the winter x games has died. he was caleb moore. he had been in the hospital since the crash happened last week. he was attempting a backflip on thursday when the skis on his 450 pound snowmobile caught the lip of the landing area there, sent him flying over -- there you go, over the handle bars. the snowmobile rolled over on him. he walk away from that. doctors diagnosed he had bleeding around his heart. his family confirmed he died. caleb moore was 25. >> cops say a nasty combination of snow, high winds and icy road, triggered a train reaction of car crashes that killed at least three people, including a couple kids.
3:46 pm
happened on a mile-long stretch of i-75 in southwest detroit this morning. police say more than two dozen vehicles got caught up in the wrecked cars, suvs, tractor-trailers. one driver said he got out of his semi to see victims bleeding and limping on the freeway. paramedics rushed some 20 people to area hospitals. president obama's nominee for secretary of defense got a little old-fashioned grilling on capitol hill. washington is a fascinating place. it happened at a senate confirmation hearing. former republican senator chuck hagel defended himself against criticism, mostly over past statements about israel and iran. >> you have critics out there who maintain that your record on iran is in question and that you are anti-israel. these are serious charges. >> senator hagel has expressed views in meeting with senate colleagues, i've been informed, and through the press, that are
3:47 pm
at glaring odds of his positions. >> i'm on the record on many issues, but no one individual vote, no one individual quote, no one individual statement defines me. my beliefs or my record. my overall world view has never changed. >> shepard: but the former republican lawmaker faces a lot of pushback from this own party. mike, the knock the took a lot of heat over his positions here. >> absolutely. senator hagel tried to reassure his form egg colleagues on iran that all optionses are on the table and he shares the president's goal of not allowing iran to gain nuclear weapons. and he took some heat from lindsey graham about the jewish lobby. >> tell me one person who is intimidated by the jewish lobby in the united states senate.
3:48 pm
>> first, i -- >> name one. >> i don't know. >> why would you say it? >> i didn't have in mind a specific person. >> do you agree it's a provocative statement, that i can't think of a more provocative thing to say about the relationship between the united states and israel and the senate or the congress in which you sit? >> there's been a lot of that today. during the bush years, of course, senator hagel was known as the rebellous republican and maverick, and now a lot of his votes and statements are being brought back by his former republican colleagues. >> shepard: but unless he screws it up he is getting through and the rest is politics. >> it may be still a battle ahead because if one senator objects on the senate floor, it could send the vote up to 60 votes to require passage so that could be trouble. three high profile republicans said they are a no. john cornyn from, senator
3:49 pm
imhave, and senator marco rubio. another likely no is john mccain who tried to talk to hagel about the troop surge in iraq. >> please an the question. were you correct or incorrect when you said that the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam? were you correct or incorrect? yes or no. >> my reference to the -- >> are you going to answer the question, senator? the question is, were you right or wrong? that's a pretty straightforward question. >> the hearings started at 90:00 this morning. they're in a break now but more questioning ahead. >> shepard: to important matters now. the super bowl is almost here. vegas odds shut it could be a close game, and we all know it will make history, with two brothers going head-to-head, coaching opposing teams. a look ahead at the big game. the niners and ravens. what else for you to watch for on sunday. and guess what?
3:50 pm
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>> shepard: countdown to super super bowl xlvii. niners and ravens. gearing up for one of most highly anticipated events of the year duh. last year there were more than 111 million viewers. first, brother coaches, east verse west, brother versus brother, two quarterbacks who each have something to prove. let's get to our sports editor. >> one of their 1st start. >> who would have thought when harbaugh made the change from alex smith to collin kaepernick
3:54 pm
he would be in this situation. >> it paid off immediately. >> immediately. he took the team from a playoff contender all of a sudden to this dynamic offense that it wasn't just the defensive team. you have to game-plan for every single variable and that's what kaepernick brings to the game. >> shepard: it's patrick willis and the niners versuses michael orr and the ravens. how too you see this thing going? >> i think it's going to be a close game. the offensive weapons on both sides are pretty equal. then there comes the variables. the quarterback, flacco, slow and steady, the giant killer, knocking off payton and tom brady on the road. and then collin kaepernick can break a run or pass for 70 yards >> shepard: brother versus brother nice, a little bit each other. >> yes, and they're dad is soaking up the spotlight, as you
3:55 pm
can imagine and as the mannings have down in the past and as you should in this situation. beach coaches are very disciplined and won't get lost in the moment. >> shepard: the team who doesn't turn the ball over will win. that would watch for? >> watch for the big plays. flacco going deep, their bread and butter. they bead peyton manning and tom brady with that. and look at the big plays from kaepernick. he did it on the road against green bay and on the road against atlanta. a game where you may see four yard runs, four yard pats, and then then 0-yard bomb and it's going to go down to the fourth quarter and which team makes the big are plays. >> shepard: wouldn't surprise me. next year the super bowl is in new york, and everybody has been like, new york weather, new york weather. today, sunday in new york, high, 36. low, 25. that's horrible. >> that's not horrible but when you think about the biggest game of the year, what if it was last
3:56 pm
sunday? 13 degrees. >> shepard: and for days on end. rather be in miami and new orleans. >> exactly. >> shepard: great to see you. a little more and then off to "your world. 0"
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3:59 pm
>> shepard: updating one of our breaking news stories. live pictures in atlanta. school is letting out now after a school shooting at price middle school. the best information we have is that authorities believe a 14-year-old girl, a middle school student, shot in either the head or the back of the neck. different cops are saying different things. so it's something around there. she was said to be alert and conscious. she went to the hospital. a suspect is in custody. the number of schools were on lockdown. now they're allowing the schools to go for the day. the perpetrator identified as a student. a student at price middle. this may have gun with


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